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Recent Research

Recent research on effectiveness of a RWHs for domestic non-potable use and the water demand of the community



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Welcome To South Asia Rainwater Network

The Regional Network aims

  • Functioning as a repository of information and experience on rainwater harvesting, networking with organizations/institutions, private sector, and individual experts in the South Asia Region.
  • Strengthening a regional rainwater network to coordinate the identification and evaluation for RWH technologies with the purpose of promoting best practices in rainwater management.
  • Supporting effective advocacy towards governments and donor agencies.

Reflections of the stay during

Constructing a rainwater harvesting tank

Webinar : Rainwater Harvesting for disaster risk reduction in flood and drought crises

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A story of passion and inspiration Pondman Ramweer Tanvar restores water bodies and eco systems

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Residential technician training program on rainwater harvesting and storage: Construction of the Sri Lankan ferro cement Pumpkin tank and Calabash tank of Malawi

Duration – 12th to 16th May 2023

Venue – Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

Mode Of Training – Classroom and on the Job

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Pumpkin-shaped rainwater tank popular in Sri Lanka to be adopted for Nepal Blue Schools Project

Blue Schools project of Kanchan Nepal constructs the Pumpkin shaped rainwater harvesting tank. Masons of Nepal were trained on constructing pumpkin-shaped rainwater tanks by Malkanthi a Sri Lankan lady mason trained by the Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum and facilitated by Kanchan Nepal and supported by the International Rainwater Harvesting AllianceiIRHA).

Votes for rainwater harvesting; an election candidate of Kathmandu in Nepal proposes rainwater harvesting as a measure to supply water to the communities not reached by the main supply

Mr. Balen Shah is a Rapper/Structural Engineer by Profession. He is a popular candidate for Mayor (Chair of Kathmandu Metropolitan City) in the local election. While giving an interview to a national televisions, a television channel he stated that even though the municipal water supply is fully functional there is an acute water problem in Kathmandu city. About 3% of the population will be still out of municipal water supply reach. This can be overcome or solved by applying Rainwater Harvesting Technology. Mr. Shah also spoke about recharging ponds to restore traditional water points/sources.  -Courtesy Kanchan Nepal for SARNET.

The Climate-resilient business model of Elpitiya Plantations a large tea production company in Sri Lanka featured in the SARNET 10th webinar receives a prestigious award from the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

Managed by Aitken Spence Plantation Management PLC since 1997, Elpitiya Plantations owns 13 estates and 17 factories producing tea and other diversified crops. The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce ( the efforts of this organisation to reduce the environmental and water footprint of the ‘Go Green and Beyond’ initiative by awarding the prestigious Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award 2021.

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Linking South Asian communities with a solution to a common problem

Sri Lankan mason shows how to construct pumpkin-shaped rainwater harvesting tank to masons in water-scarce Begnas region in Nepal
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Recent Research

Recent research offers you an array of insightful information on the effectiveness of rainwater harvesting systems for domestic non-potable use and the water demand of the community, climate change and water conservation etc.

Yamuna River is Delhi’s town planner stated late Indian environmentalist Anupam Mishra an environmentalist find out why.

East and northeast India recorded the highest temperature in July

As July breaches global climate records of thousands of years, records were also broken in East and Northeast India. On the heels […]

Delhi’s drainage system was not designed to handle unprecedented incessant rains. Then what is the answer?

Cities get flooded by heavy rain mostly because authorities don’t do a few simple things. Delhi’s plight last weekend was […]

India maintains its rank among the top-performing countries

A report, published by German-watch along with Climate Action Network (CAN) and New Climate Institute, was released November 10 on […]

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South Asian Rainwater Harvesting Network
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