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Recent research on effectiveness of a RWHs for domestic non-potable use and the water demand of the community


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We are featuring enthusiasts, activists, practitioners, and experts in rainwater harvesting, and water conservation from South Asia.



Read and watch about Rainwater Harvesting Publication & Resources to identify existing rainwater harvesting practices


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Access to services and product information on rainwater harvesting encourages new users to adopt the technology.



Rain has always fascinated poets and artists. We are happy to bring you songs on rain.


Welcome To South Asia Rainwater Network

The Regional Network aims

  • Functioning as a repository of information and experience on rainwater harvesting, networking with organizations/institutions, private sector, and individual experts in the South Asia Region.
  • Strengthening a regional rainwater network to coordinate the identification and evaluation for RWH technologies with the purpose of promoting best practices in rainwater management.
  • Supporting effective advocacy towards governments and donor agencies.

Women and girls suffer most from the impact of the climate crisis

Therefore, they travel longer distances such as from Himalaya Darchula to the Mahakali River to fetch water for their families. Governments must multiply investments into the UN water ambition for 2030 (SDG6) to help more than half of the world’s population have clean water and better adapt to the climate crisis.


Webinar 13

28th November at 3.30p.m (IST)

 World Tourism Day


Recent Research

Recent research offers you an array of insightful information on the effectiveness of rainwater harvesting systems for domestic non-potable use and the water demand of the community, climate change and water conservation etc.

What is fog harvesting?

This September morning, the air is cool. Murungi’s wearing a wool hat and a maroon fleece, long pants and tall rubber […]

India is staring at water poverty.

  According to data released by the India Meteorological Department, the South-West monsoon during June- August 2023 has been below […]

Yamuna River is Delhi’s town planner stated late Indian environmentalist Anupam Mishra an environmentalist find out why.

East and northeast India recorded the highest temperature in July

As July breaches global climate records of thousands of years, records were also broken in East and Northeast India. On the heels […]

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