Pakistan TV features the SARNET Inaugural Conference

Mr. Zahir Gardezi - Steering Committee Member from Pakistan talking to National News Channel of Pakistan
Rotary Madras South Meeting April 26, 2011
Presentation by Dr Sekahar Rgavan from Akash Ganga Trust at the weekly meeting of the Rotary club of Madras South on April 26, 2011. (English)
Mission Paani | Amitabh Bachchan On Water Conservation - ``People In Urban India Should Set Example``
Republic TV telecast on Water heroes featuring Rain Centre's work. (English)

Principles of Rainwater Harvesting Storing in a Rain Barrel Storing Rooftop rainwater in an Underground Sump Groundwater Recharge




Sankalpa Rural Development Society does borewell recharge and rainwater harvesting
Rainwater harvesting through bore well recharge - a rural innovation
Rain Lady | RAIN COMMUNITIES | Episode#4
Rainwater harvesting and recharging an open well- Bangalore
SmartPaani Rainwater Harvesting
FilterPlus- SmartPaani's WASH in School Approach - English

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