International Conference 2021 – Speakers

Inauguration Ceremony

Guest Speakers

Dr M. Feroze Ahmed

Emeritus Prof.
Stamford University

Mr. Reed J Aeschliman

Mission Director
USAID Sri Lanka/ Maldives

Dr Sunita Narain

Director General
Center for Science & Environment

Speakers Day 01

Theme – Rainwater Harvesting for Water Supply (Urban and Rural)

Prof. Tanvir Ahmed

Finding Alternative Safe and Palatable Drinking Water for People Living in Saline Groundwater Areas

Dr. jos C raphael
Dr Jos C Raphael

Well Recharging from Rainwater Harvesting: solution for Desalination and Aquifer Recharging, A case from Kerala, India

Dr saradha Narayanan
Dr Saradha Narayanan

Empowering Indigenous Women through Rain Water Harvesting - Lessons Learnt from Malaysia for Asian Rural Communities

vishnu Partheep Tej
Mr. Vishnu Partheep Tej

Community Governance in Rainwater Harvesting for Drinking Water. A Study in a Hilly State of Northeast India.

Ms. Sony Pun

Rainwater Harvesting in Rural Nepal.

Mr. Samip N Shrestha

Feasibility of Rainwater Harvesting System at Household Level in Ward 14, Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Mr. Pravat K C
Mr. Pravat K C

Status of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Kathmandu Valley

Eng. Deva Hapugoda

Sri Lanka
Water Crisis in Afghanistan

Theme - Rainwater Harvesting Technology Innovations

Snr Prof Ms. Shanthi De Silva

Sri Lanka
Artifical Groundwater Recharge Using Rainwater in Kilinochchi District in Sri Lanka

Dr Muhammad Saqib

Rainwater Harvesting through engineered Soakage Pits for Ground Water Recharge and Improved Water Supply in a Mega Projects of Lahore, a Case Study

Mr. R. Ruwan Dimuthu

Sri Lanka
Development of Self-Accessible Excel based Roof Rainwater Harvesting Potential Calculator for all Districts in Sri Lanka

Speakers - Day 02

Theme - Rainwater Harvesting for Disaster Situations

Prof. Dr. Jiba Raj Pokharel

Small Ponds for Multiple Disaster Risk Reduction in Nepal

Dr. Rachel Nisbet

Integrated Water Resource Management for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Kaski District, Nepal

Ms. Ama Rajakarunanayake

Sri Lanka
The Usage of Rainwater Harvesting During Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis in Sri Lanka

Mr. Zaheer Gardezij

Promotion of Rainwater Harvesting in Earthquake Affected Areas of Pakistan

Theme - Rainwater Harvesting for Home Gardening and Small Scale Agriculture

Mr Sunil Karunawardana

Sri Lanka
Smart Home Garden with Rainwater Harvesting, and Roof Top Organic Home Garden

Theme - Business Opportunities in RWH for SMEs

Dr. Makoto Murase

Social Enterprise on Sky Water Harvesting for Solving Drinking Water Crisis in Coastal Areas in Bangladesh

Ms. M.A Sachini Navoda

Sri Lanka
The Potential of Rainwater Harvesting in Sri Lanka and Its Relevance for Retail Banking Product

Theme - Rainwater Harvesting for Health and Water Quality

Dr. Hilmy Sally

Sri Lanka
Rainwater Harvesting for Improving Drinking Water Quality, Health, and Well-being

Ms. Archana Shrestha

Water Quality Assessment of Traditional Rainfed Stone Spouts in Chandragiri

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