Steering Committee

Mr. Han Heijinen

Mr. Han Heijinen is a senior environmental health professional operating in policy and strategy development at the national and regional levels in South Asia. Since 1982 Han Heijnen has been living in several Asian countries and has served the Governments of Nepal and Sri Lanka, jointly with WHO, UNICEF, and other national and international NGOs and Knowledge Management Institutions. He has contributed as a mentor for many junior and mid-level professionals. Among his contributions include implementing successful and sustained community water supply and sanitation programmes, and associated infrastructure for development (roads, bridges, irrigation) in Nepal and Sri Lanka, developing and application of community management and participatory processes in urban or urbanizing areas for local improvement in water, sanitation and promoting affordable rainwater harvesting systems in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal leading to large scale adoption by households for water security, and acceptance by development professionals. Han is currently President of the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance, based in Geneva.

Mr. Aheeyar Mohammed


Mr. Aheeyar Mohammed has long years of experience in designing and executing multidisciplinary research and training projects in the areas of agrarian development and natural resources management with a special focus on socioeconomic, and institutional issues associated with natural resources management. He has served many leading government sector organizations, donor agencies, NGOs, and the private sector. He is currently a Researcher at the International Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Mr. Rajindra Ariyabandu

Mr. Rajindra Ariyabandu is a development researcher with a special interest in water resources management and community development. He has served several key international institutions such as the Global Water Partnership, UNEP, etc., on water resources management and disaster risk management in the Asia Pacific region contributing to research and policy advocacy. Ariyabandu has authored several publications and research papers on rainwater harvesting, water governance, and policy. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum.

Prof. C.S. Weeraratne


Prof. C.S. Weeraratne has extensive experience as an academic and as a development practitioner in agriculture and water resources management. Professor Weeraratne has served as the Head, of Dept. of Agronomy, at Ruhuna University the University of South Pacific, Professor, and Head, Dept. of Soils and Water Resources Management, of the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajatara University, and Chairman of Sugarcane Research Institute Sri Lanka. He is currently a board member of the Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum.

Dr. Tanuja Ariyananda

Dr. Tanuja Ariyananda is a hydro biologist with a passion to promote and campaign for sustainable water resources management. Dr. Ariyananda has steered the Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum since its inception for over 25 years. She has also served as a Member of the Ministerial Committee for Developing Policy and Strategy for Rain Water Harvesting in Sri Lanka 2005 and the Past President (2008-20012), and Secretary-General Director Women’s program of the International Rainwater Catchments Systems Association. Dr. Ariyananda has authored several publications and research papers at national and international forums. Currently, she is the Chief Executive Officer/Director of the Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum (LRWHF).

Dr. S.K Weragoda

Dr. S.K Weragoda is a charted engineer and has long years of experience in groundwater pollution, water treatment plant design, construction and operation. He has collaborated in several international research initiatives in China, Singapore, South Korea, India, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries. He also serves as a visiting Lecturer in many national universities such as the University of Peradeniya, the University of Rajatara, and the University of Uva Wellassa in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Sarika Kulkarni

Dr. Sarika Kulkarni is a development practitioner, academic, and author. She has served as a professor at leading business schools in Mumbai, initiated and scaled up an ITES business, and makes her mark by starting and establishing Raah Foundation. Raah Foundation is an NGO that has directly impacted over 30,000 indigenous people by making their village’s water secure, creating agriculture and art-based entrepreneurial opportunities, facilitating health interventions, and helping them adapt and mitigate climate change. Dr. Kulkarni’s contributions to development have won the recognition of many national and international organizations. She serves on several important national and international councils and think tanks. Currently, Dr Kulkarni is the Founder and Chief Executive Director of the Raah Foundation.

Dr. Polanki Sivaram

Dr. Polanki Sivaram is a development researcher and a trainer with long years of experience in the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Hyderabad, India. He has contributed towards enhancing the capacity of multi-stakeholders on various themes of Rural Development including drinking water and sanitation by organizing over 175 National and International training programs including workshops, seminars, and exposure visits. Dr Sivaram has also contributed as a researcher for several research projects on different aspects of Rural Development. Currently, Dr Sivaram is working as a freelance consultant on drinking water and sanitation in India.

Mr. Syed Zaheer Hussain Shah Gardezi

Mr. Syed Zaheer Hussain Shah Gardezi has long years of experience in public service in Pakistan. He has contributed to the Planning, Designing, Execution, and Monitoring of Social Development Programs for developing physical Infrastructure, including WASH, Community Schools, and Rural Access Roads. Syed Zaheer Gardezi has held key positions and has worked with multi-stakeholders. He has served in the capacity of State Coordinator “The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Program” for AJK, Project Director, OFID-Assisted “Rain Water Harvesting Project”, Senior National Advisor to the Economic Affairs Division (EAD) Govt. of Pakistan and Director General (DG) LGRDD GoAJK. Federal & Provincial Ministries, Planning Commission, donors such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNICEF, UNDP, and international organizations.

Dr. Tanvir Ahmed


Dr. Tanvir Ahmed a faculty of BUET since 2003 and is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. His research interest is environmental modeling and health risk assessment of environmental contaminants and authored several publications. He is involved in several national and international projects as a consultant and EIA specialist. Dr. Ahmed has won many awards in recognition of his excellence in academic achievements and teaching. These include The Prime Minister’s Gold Medal in 1994 for securing the 1st merit position in the national SSC exam, Malik Akram Hossain Gold Medal in 2003, and Dean’s award for academic excellence as a civil engineering student. He is involved with the Department of Environment in drafting the “National Action Plan for Short-lived Climate Pollutants” and “Minamata Initial Assessment Report and Developing the National Mercury Profile”. also presented a paper at the SARNET inaugural international conference “Looming Water Crisis and climate change in South Asia; Rainwater Harvesting as an Adaptation Strategy held in September 2021.

Mr. Ramdeep Sah

Mr. Ramdeep Sah is a senior WASH professional. He has actively engaged in the promotion of rainwater harvesting, a former director general of the Government of Nepal Ministry of Water Supply and sewerage. Currently, Mr. SAH is the Chairman of Smart Wash solutions.

Dr. Jos Raphael

Dr. jos C raphael

Dr. Jos Raphael has shared his expertise on development planning, social policy, and rainwater harvesting, with several international and local organizations including RedR, India, IWMI, Karl Kubel Stiftung, Germany, District Rainwater Harvesting Mission, Govt. of Kerala and Malayala Manorama Newspaper on water management, rainwater harvesting, and climate change adaptation initiatives. He is an Anant Fellow for Climate Action, a Ph.D. holder from Mysore University on development studies, and a scholar of the London School of Economics, the University of London on Social Policy. Dr. Raphael has been nominated as a finalist in the first UN Water Summit “Leaving No One Behind,” and among his accolades is the Outstanding Award for World Water Challenge, Korea International Water Week in 2018, Best Show Case Model, World Water Forum, The Deague, South Korea in 2015, Water Digest Award sponsored by CII and UNESCO, New Delhi in 2010. He has authored several publications and also presented a paper at the SARNET inaugural international conference “Looming Water Crisis and climate change in South Asia; Rainwater Harvesting as an Adaptation Strategy held in September 2021.

Mr. Michael Maluki

Mr. Michael Maluki is working with the Government of Makueni County, Kenya as a Superintended Roads Engineer. He is trained in Road water management, climate resilience, and landscape restoration. He is the Champion for the “Green Roads for Water Program’’ in the County Government of Makueni, a program that entails incorporating road run-off water harvesting in the design and construction of the county roads. Michael Maluki has a great passion for environmental conservation and has been able to mobilize public support to make the Green roads for water program a huge success. He is also an active member of the Young Rainwater Champions and initiative of SARNET.

Ms. Sony Pun

Ms. Sony Pun is a Project Officer at Rain Communities, an Integrated Water Resources Management project implemented by Kanchan Nepal and International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance in rural Nepal. She has assisted in various studies related to rainwater harvesting, climate change adaptation, and impacts on water resources and health Sony also presented a paper at the SARNET inaugural international conference “Looming Water Crisis and climate change in South Asia; Rainwater Harvesting as an Adaptation Strategy held in September 2021. She is also an active member of the Young Rainwater Champions and initiative of SARNET.

Mr. Tshering Wangchuk

Mr. Tshering Wangchuk is the Co-Founder and president of the Horticulture Association of Bhutan an organization dedicated to representing and safeguarding the interest of farmers in Bhutan. At HOAB he aims to maintain the integrity to sustain the vital connection between people and nature, and social and cultural cooperation. Among his key achievement is being selected as the Runner Up in Landscape Design at Taichung Expo, held in Taiwan.

Mr. Narayan Joshi

Mr. Narayan Joshi has long years of experience in the development sector as a Team Leader and has also served as project Coordinator of Oxfam supported, We Can, WATSAN, and PHeBLS projects implemented by Sankalpa Darchula in Nepal. His key areas of expertise include social development based on human rights, gender, organizational development, local development, education and co-education, public policies, and migrations. He is also a researcher and has extensive expertise in the areas of Economic Analysis, Statistics, knowledge management, and Capacity Development.

Ms. Carol Kaitano

Ms. Carol Kaitano is a rainwater harvesting field officer from Malawi and a representative of the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Malawi. She works with communities, schools, individuals, and model villages in the adoption and promotion of different rainwater harvesting technologies. Carol is an active member of the Young Rainwater Champions and initiative of SARNET. In the past 2 years, she has facilitated the construction of more than 50 Calabash tanks. Carol has also helped establish a rainwater harvesting model village with 10 Calabash tanks and has also initiated environmental clubs in schools that focus on rainwater harvesting and permaculture activities for improved nutrition and sanitation.

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