Sustainable solution for rural water management

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      S K Weragoda

      Climate change impacts on drinking water are much more significant than any other area. Hence, a wise solution on groundwater treatment coupled with rainwater harvesting will assist in ensuring a consistent drinking water supply, especially to the most vulnerable communities. Accordingly, a nanofiltration plant coupled with rainwater harvesting systems may help to avoid chemical washing in membranes as rainwater serves as a viable alternative to replacing commercially available solutions. The overflow pipe can be connected to the nearby groundwater recharging system at a suitable distance from the well in order to ensure more water in dry spells.

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      Basavaraju Manu

      Dear Dr. Weragoda,
      In my opinion, the solution suggested seems to be truly sustainable, both in terms in quantity and quality of potable water for rural households.
      Some kind of treatment ensures the quality of the rainwater harvested for domestic use.
      The harvested rainwater may not be sufficient alone in terms of quantity. However, augmenting it or using it for augmenting other sources of water could suffice the water needs in terms of quantity aspects.
      Thank you.
      With Kind Regards
      Basavaraju Manu

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      Sekhar Raghavan

      Every rural area would have had its traditional water management practices which includes traditional rainwater harvesting system. That will have to be understood and revived, rejuvenated to their past glory. These would form part of common sense solutions. I am not for recommending engineering solutions such as nanofiltration to the rural population.

      In India, every part of it had its traditional water harvesting system, which were neglected during the 300 odd year British rule in India. I am sure this will be true of every other country in this world.

      Engineering solutions are not as sustainable as common sense solutions.

      Sekhar Raghavan, Director, Rain Centre, Chennai, India

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