A review of the article in Indian Express

A review of the article in Indian Express on 10% of cities in the national drinking water survey had 100% of samples pass

Only 46 out of 485 surveyed cities supply clean drinking water of acceptable quality to their citizens. This has a huge impact on health and expenditure of the households. First- people buy treated water for their consumption and/or install expensive treatment equipment (various filters, including RO filters) in their homes. No doubt, India is one of the world’s biggest market for bottled water and domestic water filters. Second- they have to spend more money to treat for waterborne diseases. Those who cant afford both (safe water and treatment), a considerable majority fall under this category, suffer silently. This is the status, despite spending huge amounts on city water supply projects over the last two decades. Only 6 cities offer 24×7 in one or more wards, despite many announcements, budget allocations, and manifestos of various political parties.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal views from a LinkedIn post.


Image Source : About 10% of cities in national drinking water survey had 100% samples pass | India News – The Indian Express

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