Rainwater harvesting in India with special reference to urban areas and the Chennai experience

Though rainwater harvesting is important in every major town and city not only in India but the world over, it is much more important in coastal cities, since what is not harvested runs off into the sea before we realize and gets wasted. This is not so in inland towns and cities, where, what is not harvested has a good chance of getting into the nearby river and prove to be useful to people living downstream or get into water bodies within the towns. Since India and Japan have long coastlines, implementation of RWH in coastal cities with sandy beaches, which have a great groundwater potential, will have to be taken up on a war footing. Any delay will result in seawater intrusion into its freshwater aquifers and create a permanent and irreversible damage.

Read more: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UbyR7f1E-iQSRFSKfm0X8RryvF-hV4ou/view?usp=sharing

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