The Groundwater Monitoring Tool (GWMT)


There is an urgent requirement to make a shift from groundwater development to its management by identifying and mapping aquifers, quantifying the available groundwater potential, and proposing plans appropriate to the aquifer characteristics, the scale of demand and the institutional arrangements for management. A robust understanding of the state of aquifers in India will help in their management and governance at the local level.

The Groundwater Monitoring Tool (GWMT) is aimed at addressing this major challenge in the estimation of groundwater resources and help bridge this gap. The GWMT, an open-source android tool, enables the collection of water level data of wells and its collation on a web platform for easy access by all.

The Tool uses a standard methodology for data collection to ensure data quality. Addressing the inconsistency in existing datasets, the tool pools together data from various decentralized data repositories present with various Non-Government Organisation (NGOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs), thus giving a more detailed picture of the groundwater level across the country.

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